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Before Inquiring about our Puppies or Dogs; Please fill out Application(link on front page). Also be aware of what you are looking for and What we provide.

"I'm Only looking for a Pet"- Pet Only Means this; you are acquiring pet for the enjoyment of your family and have the full intention of Spaying or Neutering this pet.  Animals sold as PET ONLY, are priced at a reduced rate, Some Pet only pups are priced below normal rate due to some Characteristics we feel SHOULD NOT be reproduced; Others may be Pick of litter, But the perfect family for that pup is Not looking to breed. We seek out Pet only homes for our babies to help ensure forever placement(in most cases). All Pet Only pups are Required to be Spayed or Neutered at appropriate age, and NEVER to be bred.

"Breeder"- Breeder means: You intend to possibly Breed this pet in the future, Even for only 1 litter: We want even in this instance for your breeder to be a part of the family and treated as a member of your family; Breeding rights are only given to approved programs, so prepare for questions and possibly video chats. This pup will come with limited registration until proof of dog passing all Health clearances, at which time we will lift the limited and change to Full Registration.  If you plan to breed your Mystique pet, you MUST disclose this information Prior to any deposit being placed so that you are purchasing a top Quality properly typed, pet.  Not every pup from a litter is Breeding quality, and we will Not sell full rights with any pup that has Breed Faults.

"Show Quality"- These pups are of the best stock, from High Quality Pedigree's and Champion or Show Quality Parents.  Show Quality pups are Not determined until after pups are at least 6 weeks old, sometimes older; we are constantly evaluating pups in litter to hold back the future Show prospects, either for ourselves or future show homes.  We cannot determine at 2 weeks old a show quality pup, No matter the bloodlines behind the pup.  We will place Show Quality pups in Pet only homes in instances a show home is not found.*note: We stay on as Co-owner until pup has completed Title and Health Clearances, then dog is fully signed over to original buyer.



All of our Breeding stock is Fully Health tested and Certified through the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA).

We also DNA health test through Embark, Pawprints, and Wisdom services



DO NOT Expect to buy a potential show dog or breeder for pet price. Be upfront, if we find out after deposit is placed, that you are a breeder or a broker, We will at our option Cancel the sale and You forfeit Deposit placed. 

There are Too many Bad breeders producing puppies for profit, offering every pup in litter with Full registration no matter the quality of the pups; only to have some of those pups dumped at shelters, in Puppymill situations, or living in subpar conditions on a chain in the backyard.

 We prefer to sell pups into pet only homes first and foremost, however, we do enjoy working with quality like minded breeders, working to preserve the breeds we work with.

Structure, health, and temperament are at the top of our program (yes we work with some Non Standard colors in our Mini Schnauzer Program, as we Love the uniqueness of those colors, but health and temperament are first with us.)

Visit Our Good Dog Page to access our Application for waitlist